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i am writing an article for my zine about the legalization of drugs and the legal drug trade through pharmicudecles. if you get a chance, please answer these questions honestly (votes will be tallied and individual comments can either be anon or attributed to you if you like) and mail the results with the subject "drug survey" in the subject line to lowendgtr@aol.com.

1) do you believe drugs should be legal?

2) do you believe that nonviolent drug offenders should be imprisoned or offered treatment?

3) do you believe that the legalized drug trade is fair? do you believe that we should be indebted to the mercy of doctors for medications?

4) do you think that having to take a drug, for blood pressure or depression, on a daily basis is the same as being addicted to a drug that need to take every day?

5) do you have any positive or negative experiences with drugs?

6) do you consider weed a drug that should remain illegal, or taxed and regulated like ciggerettes and alcohol?

7) do you think that drugs like adderall, ritalin, and other stimulents and amphetamines perscribed to children under 12 for attention deficit disorder should be reevaluated and taken off the market, or that illegal versions of these drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, and crank should be legalized and sold to consenting adults?

8) what does the term "drug war" mean to you?

9) do you believe that your tax dollars are well spent in providing more police, more jail cells, more trials, and more convictions for nonviolent users and dealers of illegal drugs? why?

10) do you believe that we have a right to pollute our body with any chemical we see fit, not just those predetermined to have a consumer value?

11) do you find yourself thinking of doctor's and drug companies as legal drug dealers?

12) do you think of caffiene as an addictive drug?

13) do you believe drugs like zoloft, prozac, wellbutriun xl, and others determined to provide relief from depression and advertised heavily on television are safe to use, and that their benefits outweigh their negatives?

14) do you believe people who use illegal drugs should be considered criminals? do you believe that people who get their drugs through doctors and legal means should be considered addicts and criminals?


would it surprise you to know that at least one member of every school shooting team in the last ten years was prescribed an antidepressant, and that all of the available antidepressants have possible side effects of psychosis, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts?

did you know that Andrea Yates, a mother of five who drowned her children in Texas was prescribed haldol for her post-pardum depression, and that haldol is a serious anti-psychotic medicine usually prescribed to elderly and incapacitated people to eliminate psychotic episodes, under the supervision of a doctor? did you know that they changed her medication on her several times, since drugs used for mental disorders are often just hit or miss and no one is good for every person? do you think that these drugs, which are perscribed to millions of people each year are safe and should remain legal?

i know this is pretty extensive, and i don't expect many answers, but i will use stats and quotes in the articles. if you think i left anything out or did not ask a question that makes sense, please email me. i look forward to your input and thanks in advance.

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I haven't posted in this place for a very long time...but I am attempting to not do anything productive. Interesting.

Emo community.

Maybe it was the moonlight.
You know how it stuck to the grease in your hair.


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a few good punk and emo cd's i got recently:
the gimme gimmes: take a break
the early november: this room's too cold
s.t.u.n.:evolution of energy(which is really really rad, very political and educational.)
drive thru dvd comp two: spectacular, spectacular
and that's about all.

movie review:
none eyt. sorry, but haven't watcthed any movies lately.

i guess all you really need to know about me is that i'm very emo. i hate when epople use words incorrectly, e.g.: cheer up, emo kid. emo isn't depressed, it can be, but it means emotional. and depression isn't the only emotion. i love my girlfriend, amber. i always call her amber lynn. because that's her first and middle name. damn, not too much to nkow about me. other than i love music, for it it my life and i'd not know to do if i didn't have it.

i'm an over-all nice guy. i'm bisexual, atheist, and i love romance.
michael keith hill
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emo 1" buttons site

This is about my site that sells a whole slew of 1" sized buttons for $1 each. I make custom buttons too and also wholesale orders for bands, projects, whateves. I'm really fast and totally honest! I take paypal, money orders, cash (riskey through the post but hey) and personal checks. I can take orders from anywhere in the world too and shipping really isn't that much! If you have a question about anything, just contact me :)


click the link, a new page will open, bookmark the page, rock & roll!

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here is keeping up with me, miss a.:

most recently watched films: williard (good), adaption (good), storytellers (awesome), the upright citizen's bridgade 1st season on collected dvd (the bestest ever)

most recently read books: reefer madness (a book about the black market in america), why do people hate america (a book from disinfo.com that is fucking amazing and was reccomended by chomsky), pimp (an oldie but goodie).

most recently listened to muzak: outkast (both singles are good, but the albums are amazing), speed king (the long awaited comp album is fucking brilliant), thurston moore (remember the psychic hearts album- i do too, now), black dice (token scenester scum band), chinese stars (i sure miss AOR and SFS but this will do), Peaches (double a/triple xxx)

best thrift scores as of late: a great suade coat from the 1960's with a fur collor and cuffs, lined, with gold buckles up the front for a dollar at salvation army, a five piece drum set with stool and peddle and hardware for only $15 at the crowslanding thrift store (for zoe as she grows into it), and a pucci purse with metal dots all over it from the 1950's for a mere 70 cents. wow.

cute lil' thing i did with my daughter: bought her those red mary janes with the glitter on them from target and am in the process of making a blue dress. when she is old enough we will borrow my friend robbie's lil' black dog and do a whole backdrop where she will be dorthy, and she will be in therapy when she is older, i am sure of it. damn sure of it.

i will be 28 soon, and i see no real signs of slowing down. bring it on.

wrote a poem last night.

afraid to open my mouth and ruin it. i'm so hypocrytical sometimes it hurts. i tell you not to be shy when i am more shy than i have ever been. my fingers have electricity running through them. i want to hold your hand more than i've ever wanted anything. we are like the opposite sides of magnets when we look at eachother. i look at you, you turn. so shy it hurts. hummingbird heartbeat. i want to rush this. i want to see the sun go down with you. i want to breathe the air you breathe. i want to feel your lips upon mine. i want to write your name on everything. too soon for love. but it's just the beginning. the distance is painful. my heart is on my sleeve. you can see it in my eyes. can't you just be phsycic for a minute to know i how i feel?

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The light catches the glimer of the blade
The spark causes my eyes to flutter
The aXe to the sky and the river of blood at my feet
The color of it sickens me, but encourages my endeavor
The precipitation above me falls down my neck
The coldness of the substance distracts intent
The smear of black upon my body from which the blood
has dispersed
The corpse of battle and its glorious defeat stuns

Who lies in the wake of animosity?

The painful realization of the hunter being hunted
The warmungering causes malcontent and spiteful action
The definitive call for release comprised in the
embedded roots of compassionate love
The power of the unseen engulfs humanistic weak feeble
The collapse within authoritive strongholds disrupts
brainwashed seductiveness
The dead flesh equals hollow shells empounded
The nail drives through consumption of stale emotions
to embrace emancipation of extinction
The pheonix of my future beholds tremendous extracts of

Who am I to rebuke detestable beings?

The aXe I bear slays the fiendish to a demise fitting
for a traitors ruin
Let me demonstrate the power overwhelming me I contain
to demote the size you evidentally portray after
being demolished

I am the hunter, prepare for war, I will kill...I am

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Pounding viens, Clentched fists, Adrenaline running high.
Voices screaming reasons of resolution amist chaotic resistance.
Revolution Uprising!
Rise XUndergroundX, Take back your position.
Revolt against the opposition, Take hold these eyes of judgement.
Reverse the phsycology of contentment.
Destroy comfortable positions, Torture fear and Mangle pride.
Devistate wishes of conformity.
Rip the batteries out of your watch and watch society slip away.
Infiltrate idealism and replace it with liberated truth.
Ignite Fires!
Blaze up the skies!
Put your heart back on your sleeve, and cry out the freedoms of a forgotten words.
Spit forth words of unspoken, hard to hand, tough, irrefuseable pretences.
Scream til you throat is nothing, but Blood.
Turn Serial and murder all selfishness.
Thrust your knife of a tounge in the head of hate!
Rejoice in the death of I and pick up the mat of piousness.
Just a memory in the heavens abounding!
Destructive and Distant, but I love it.
Hated, but dwell on it!
Persecuted and enjoy it!
Die everyday and live every second wanting more.
Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! I'm Nothing! I'm Nothing!
Destroy my body, build it again.
Chest pounding, air is in and out...my heart is racing, but I'm estatic.
I'm eletric! I'm Alive! So Alive! Here I come!
Are you ready!?
The young will die, the old will live and the rest won't even have a chance until they fully submit and... DIE!!
--wHaT dO yOu ThInK NoW, tHaT yOuR eYeS aRe OpEn AnD nO lOnGeR bLiNdEd By FLAMES!!!--

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Beyond the Obvious
I'm sitting in the corner wanting to escape
Don't you know my face?
River flowing from my eyes
I've been here a thousand times before
I'm drowning in my anguish
I just want to live
Why does something always hold me back
from gaining some extra ground

So intertwind with this tormoil(entraptment)
So enveloped with this disease(inward)
So incased with this trouble(resentment)
So defined by the pain(suffering)

My soul is crying and I'm dying
Won't anyone hear me...SCREAMING OUT!!

So intertwind with this tormoil(entraptment)
So enveloped with this disease(inward)
So incased with this trouble(resentment)
So defined by the pain(suffering)

Suffering!!!...Suffering!!!...Suffering!!!(repeat during)
(Don't listen to what your hearing. Your going to forget me anyways. My struggles and goals mean nothing to you. Just take me away from this, put strength back in me..I need you I need you...this persecution hurts inward but, outward is scaring me. How much longer can I take? How much further can I go?)

So intertwind with this tormoil(entraptment)
So enveloped with this disease(inward)
So incased with this trouble(resentment)
So defined by the pain(suffering)

So intertwind with this song(resolute)
So enveloped with this passion(sacrifice)
So incased with this power(fortress)
So defined by these scars(VICTORY)
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