August 20th, 2004

let me be kind and rude at the same time

my fucking broking heart

you took me to your grave and put me in it i have looked at the time it was 4am in the morning
and i bleed your name on the floor of dirt i lie in cryin for u back and thinking what would i do if i was to
make it out of your lie and i fell throw your eyes crying out and out for a 5th of a seck that semth like a day
a day that u tookall my dreams and love for u as your hands mov by my hand i feel the swespers of death and cool air takes my last breth ans my eyes bleer and my heart slows and i gasp your name and say sarey for haveing to be the one in the room u were in on the night we kissed we talked u wisper death but i fall to think jug u by your nice cover and now i am coverd in your blood i truley beleved i was dieing wen it was u in your grave and i look so god dam good now that i finley took your life from a nouther broken fucking heartmy ters fall on u and u fall asleep and i try to tell the time from the sky
and i am thinking now in such a way that nuthing eals matters any more but the time
just so i dont have to think of u and i will think for me and find my hands all in blood
that had come from my bit lip that i bit onley cas i am nevers in time u will wake in my freshely washed hands and i will look at your eyes just to find that u have a look like no outher wen the sun is in it and i sit there and i bleve it for a monit
wispering i love i love i love u and u wisper i love u what a nice thing to here birds wispering and evere thing is a wisper in the morning and even the plans that pass over head wisper and we wisper back to all the wispers caz right no evere thing mattrers like the bed we lie on the kiss i gave u the i love u and we lie and we lie trying to take this for granted but we no it will be and if we onley new wen this will end but never it will end it will all was take me in and allwas keep me like your kiss that morning//// that wisper filled morning that has me by its hands and has you by its cool air and if i tell u
i hope u no that this was all u all what u gave me and all what i can see and i can se your eyes
turn and look out the window and try to take it for what it is worth but it is worth so much u cant by this u can onley shar it with some one a memorey is better then a pitcher caz it will be for ever like are love that u only have to shar and u fill the sun with light and u that onley lisen and u that onley make this all the better with your kiss that u took to me i wissper dont let go dont let go as trhat was my last morning i allways will rember that as i die in your arms i want to rember the better

the way morning can last a life time if onley in memorrey it will stay but onley in memorrey
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