August 6th, 2004

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i am writing an article for my zine about the legalization of drugs and the legal drug trade through pharmicudecles. if you get a chance, please answer these questions honestly (votes will be tallied and individual comments can either be anon or attributed to you if you like) and mail the results with the subject "drug survey" in the subject line to

1) do you believe drugs should be legal?

2) do you believe that nonviolent drug offenders should be imprisoned or offered treatment?

3) do you believe that the legalized drug trade is fair? do you believe that we should be indebted to the mercy of doctors for medications?

4) do you think that having to take a drug, for blood pressure or depression, on a daily basis is the same as being addicted to a drug that need to take every day?

5) do you have any positive or negative experiences with drugs?

6) do you consider weed a drug that should remain illegal, or taxed and regulated like ciggerettes and alcohol?

7) do you think that drugs like adderall, ritalin, and other stimulents and amphetamines perscribed to children under 12 for attention deficit disorder should be reevaluated and taken off the market, or that illegal versions of these drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, and crank should be legalized and sold to consenting adults?

8) what does the term "drug war" mean to you?

9) do you believe that your tax dollars are well spent in providing more police, more jail cells, more trials, and more convictions for nonviolent users and dealers of illegal drugs? why?

10) do you believe that we have a right to pollute our body with any chemical we see fit, not just those predetermined to have a consumer value?

11) do you find yourself thinking of doctor's and drug companies as legal drug dealers?

12) do you think of caffiene as an addictive drug?

13) do you believe drugs like zoloft, prozac, wellbutriun xl, and others determined to provide relief from depression and advertised heavily on television are safe to use, and that their benefits outweigh their negatives?

14) do you believe people who use illegal drugs should be considered criminals? do you believe that people who get their drugs through doctors and legal means should be considered addicts and criminals?


would it surprise you to know that at least one member of every school shooting team in the last ten years was prescribed an antidepressant, and that all of the available antidepressants have possible side effects of psychosis, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts?

did you know that Andrea Yates, a mother of five who drowned her children in Texas was prescribed haldol for her post-pardum depression, and that haldol is a serious anti-psychotic medicine usually prescribed to elderly and incapacitated people to eliminate psychotic episodes, under the supervision of a doctor? did you know that they changed her medication on her several times, since drugs used for mental disorders are often just hit or miss and no one is good for every person? do you think that these drugs, which are perscribed to millions of people each year are safe and should remain legal?

i know this is pretty extensive, and i don't expect many answers, but i will use stats and quotes in the articles. if you think i left anything out or did not ask a question that makes sense, please email me. i look forward to your input and thanks in advance.